Civil engineering with trenchers

What is Micro Trenching? Civil engineering is a multifaceted industry that covers many areas of work. Whether laying fibreglass in the city or laying drainage pipes on a sports field, civil engineering is a generic term that connects all these topics. But the more general and comprehensive the tasks that a company has to cope … Weiterlesen

Laying cables with the trencher

What is Micro Trenching? Cable laying is without question the largest civil engineering activity in Germany and probably in the world. It is therefore all the more important to be well equipped for this work in order to keep up with or even outdo the competition. An ideal tool for this purpose is the trencher. … Weiterlesen

Micro Trenching

Micro trenching with the trencher Over the years, various methods for cable laying have become established in the construction industry, but not all of them are as effective as one might assume at first glance. In the following, we would like to introduce you to a method that is becoming increasingly popular due to its … Weiterlesen

GM 160 AF

The trencher GM 160 AF offers high efficiency and precision The trencher GM 160 AF is a mounted trench cutter for Unimog. It has been designed for tractors with three-point linkage and can be easily attached to the rear of the tractor. With a weight of 2,300 kg, this trencher is comparatively light and can … Weiterlesen

GM 140 AF-600

The trench cutting machine GM 140 AFH-600 is used in pipeline construction. Modern pipeline construction relies on high-quality equipment to be able to mill clean and stable trenches for the laying of various pipes. This is just as important for private construction projects such as a home of one’s own as it is for urban … Weiterlesen

GM 140 AF-500

Working flexibly with the GM 140 AFH-500 excavator mounted milling machine Flexibility is particularly important for milling work. Because working conditions on site are not always perfect. Occasionally, there are obstacles in the way or a trench needs to be dug along an embankment or slope. In all these cases, it is helpful to use … Weiterlesen

GM 140 AF

The GM 140 AF trench cutter for tractors is used to lay drainage pipes This trench cutter for tractors digs the trenches that are important for the laying of drainage pipes cleanly and precisely. Drainage pipe laying plays a decisive role in agriculture, but also in cellar construction. Such pipes are used to drain surface … Weiterlesen

GM 140 H

trench cutter for excavator GM 140 H Among many other factors, the right tools and machines play a decisive role in Germany’s digital expansion. In order to be able to supply the entire republic with fast Internet, it is necessary to lay large quantities of fiber optic cable underground. This is where the trench cutter … Weiterlesen


PTO drive – easy laying of cables and pipes with the trench cutter GM 1 AS The laying of cables and pipes plays an important role both in house building and in the agricultural use of land. Especially on very damp land, for example, it is important to lay drainage pipes to remove the existing … Weiterlesen


Working efficiently and economically with a tractor milling machine The GM 1 AF tractor tiller in use The beauty of the GM 1 AF tractor milling machine is that it is easy to handle. It is mounted on the rear of a tractor using a three-point linkage and performs reliably. The low dead weight of … Weiterlesen